Meet the Team

Nathan Lambert

Team captain / design junkie

Nathan started Fireworks Design in 2011 as he was finishing up his BSc in Computer Science at University of Victoria on Vancouver Island. He jumps back and forth between the Island and his Northern birthplace of the Yukon. He mostly lurks in the shadows and works on the next big project, but his friends often drag him outside to make sure that he gets a tan. Current tan level: Egg-shell White


Naomi Mark

Paparazzi / explorer of far-away lands

Naomi beat Quentin Tarantino in our recent round of hiring to become the resident film geek. Quentin is still a little upset and won’t return our calls. Nonetheless, Naomi completed a degree in Communication Studies in Montreal. She has created award-winning short films, and is currently directing in Vancouver. She wins the most-cultured-team-member award with recent trips to Africa and Fort Nelson.


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