• Retail Action

Retail Action

A group of activists from Victoria caught the attention of a parent organization out of Vancouver and were asked to create a grass-roots organization of retail workers. They wanted to create a network of workers and labour activists that fight for workplace justice, increased wages, and better conditions for an otherwise under-represented group.

We designed a strategy around getting workers to not only be represented by Retail Action, but to actively take part in and organize events themselves. This was a very unique project, as we wanted to acquire new members without the use of a traditional sales, funnel-oriented CRM structure, but instead with one that was more decentralized and community-oriented.

We created the branding, website and print. We also helped them create CRM, event, donations, and social media strategies. They have seen impressive, instant post-launch success and have had good traction and community engagement with their campaigns.

Date: 2016 Client: Retail Action Skills: Print, Web Design Website: https://www.retailaction.ca

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